Illinois Valley Fishing Report 9/18

ILLINOIS RIVER: With strong rains coming in this weekend the river will
cloud up and fishing will slow some. With that said sauger, White bass,
and Catfish can all still be taken. Look for the clearest water areas
you can find and use a slow presentation and be patient. Try jigging a
blade bait such as a BIG DUDE, the vibration will help the fish key in on
the bait. Drop the bait to the bottom and rip it up 6 to 12 inches and
let it settle about 2" or so off the bottom, hold it there for a count
of 10 to 30 seconds setting the hook on the slightest tap. For Catfish
try cut bait and dip baits at tributary's and bridges, again be patient.

EVERGREEN LAKE: Crappie are slow but a few fish are being caught in the
weed beds in 8 to 15 feet of water on a small jig and wax worm or minnow.
Saugeye are spotty with a couple of nice fish taken this week by crappie
fisherman. Look for fish in weed pockets and off deeper points.

HENEPIN CANAL: Bluegill are taking wax worms and night crawlers with most
fish running 4 to 6 inches. Cat fisherman are doing very well on dip baits
and chicken liver at most of the locks. Large mouth bass are taking slower
presentations with soft plastics in the heavy brush midday, with buzz baits
and poppers taking fish early and late in the day.

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